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Melati Maven Archetype

Generate a prototypical Melati project

This will create a project with id art and a group com.ical in a directory below the current working directory called art.

Note that we are hacking the version of the generated project to be the current version of Melati.

The pom will contain a one-off ant-run task which must be run using -Pfirst. This does some file moving that cannot be done within the archetype itself. It can be deleted after first run.

cd art
mvn install -P first

Generate some eclipse configuration files:

mvn -DdownloadSources=true -DdownloadJavadoc=true eclipse:eclipse

Iterative modelling

You can then run:

mvn jetty:run

This will create an empty database and allow you to edit it at http://localhost:8080/. You should login using the username _administrator_ and password FIXME then add table definitions and column definitions.

When you have finished, for now, stop Jetty with Ctrl-C.

New java files will be generated the next time you run

mvn test -PupdateJava