Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@deprecated 4 @deprecated

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 4

org.melati.util.DelegatedHttpServletRequest Line
Servlet API 2.1 292
Servlet API 2.1 300
org.melati.util.HttpServletRequestCompat Line
Servlet API 2.1 473
Servlet API 2.1 485


Number of occurrences found in the code: 11

org.melati.admin.Admin Line
primaryDisplayTable should not be static as this messes with DB switching 138
Needs to work for dates 298
org.melati.template.test.ClassNameTempletLoaderTest Line
too much whitespace remaining 228
org.melati.template.test.JSONMarkupLanguageWebmacroTest Line
a template has to be found as there is always an Object template What is this test meant to be about? 122
org.melati.template.test.MarkupLanguageSpec Line
a template is always used, so this test is ill conceived 249
org.melati.template.velocity.WebMacroClasspathResourceLoader Line
Hardcoded paths 77
org.melati.template.velocity.WebMacroConverter Line
Refactor to use java regexp. 60
org.melati.test.test.HttpAuthenticationPoemServletTestTest Line
Sort out how to do this with htmlUnit 100
org.melati.test.test.TemplateServletTestTest Line
Webmacro only test 99
org.melati.util.ChildrenDrivenMutableTree Line
we need our own empty enumeration 75
org.melati.util.test.AcceptCharsetTest Line
this runs differently on a MAC 72


Number of occurrences found in the code: 3

org.melati.admin.Admin Line
Not very satisfactory, but only to enable testing context.put("object", homepageURLSetting); If we wanted to get RESTful at this point, but it is a bit nasty as a UI melati.getResponse().setHeader("Location",melati.sameURLWith("action", "")); 688
org.melati.admin.AdminUtils Line
if we are using 2.0 Servlet API then zone is included in servlet and contextPath is empty 93
org.melati.login.HttpBasicAuthenticationAccessHandler Line
Apache/Netscape appear not to do anything with message, which is why it's just left as a String. 85


Number of occurrences found in the code: 13

org.melati.Melati Line
POEM studiously assumes there isn't necessarily a user, only an AccessToken 965
org.melati.admin.Admin Line
Order by searchable columns, this could be summary columns 424
org.melati.login.HttpSessionAccessHandler Line
Remember a User isa Token. 168
org.melati.template.AbstractMarkupLanguage Line
The context always contains objects with the names melati, object and ml 284
org.melati.template.ClassNameTempletLoader Line
It is not expected that templates will be added at runtime. 61
org.melati.template.JSONMarkupLanguage Line
The context always contains objects with the names melati, object and ml 82
org.melati.template.SimpleForm Line
this only returns the first value for a parameter. 73
org.melati.template.TemplateEngine Line
A root should not start or end in a slash. 101
org.melati.template.velocity.WebMacroClasspathResourceLoader Line
This does not allow modern WebMacro syntax with optional #begin in #foreach. 60
Only if a curly bracket is at the start of a line will it not be turned into an #end 63
org.melati.util.CountedDumbPagedEnumeration Line
This is the bit that makes it dumb! 69
org.melati.util.DumbPagedEnumeration Line
This is the bit that makes it dumb! 75
org.melati.util.HttpServletRequestCompat Line
This is no longer used, but it is so cool it is still around to marvel at 59


Number of occurrences found in the code: 12

org.melati.admin.Admin Line
Review working of where clause for dates 131
Move Nav icons into PrimarySelect 132
Make Chooser JS agnostic 133
Make Navigation JS agnostic 134
Logout fails to work if remember me is ticked 135
Order by field f orders on fields troid, not field ordering 136
Enable non-paged output of selection by adding paged parameter to selectionTemplate 137
org.melati.template.freemarker.FreemarkerServletTemplateContext Line
Auto-generated method stub 123
Auto-generated method stub 129
org.melati.template.freemarker.test.FreemarkerServletTemplateEngineTest Line
setup servlet to initialise 77
org.melati.template.velocity.test.VelocityServletTemplateEngineTest Line
setup servlet to initialise 77
org.melati.template.webmacro.test.WebmacroServletTemplateEngineTest Line
setup servlet to initialise 76