Package org.melati.admin

Package class diagram package org.melati.admin
A Melati Database Administration System.


Interface Summary
AdminSpecialised An interface that allows the editting and display of an object to be extended.

Class Summary
Admin Melati template servlet for database administration.
AdminUtils A utility object for placing in a ServletTemplateContext.
Copy Copy one db to another.
Display Display an object using the Template specified.
Status Display a Status page.

Exception Summary
AnticipatedException An error which is expected, so should be rendered prettily.

Package org.melati.admin Description

A Melati Database Administration System.

The system enables viewing, editting and creation of tables and records and the display of treeable records as trees.

The system works with any Melati database, without additional configuration, but can be tailored and extended with database and table specific functionality.

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